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Vespers for Kay Green may be heard when you click here.
(These Vespers Also Honor the Passing of My Best Friend Alek's Mother, on August 12, 2006. Meet Aleks, Whose Wedding You Will Enjoy Watching, By Clicking Here.)
Kindly Thank The Reverends Jerry and Janet Duggins of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Portage, Michigan, for sending the recording of Kay Green's Memorial Service including the gorgeous music of the Westminster choir in which Kay Green sang which here sings again, in her honor, "Deep River." (For the MP3 File, Click Here,) Three eulogies follow this hymn. (Listen also to the madrigal "Zefiro Torna," translated into English, as heard when opening the following page of photographs: www.profgreen.tv/MothersDay2006.html Further videos of Alice (Kay) Green playing Chopin and Ravel may be viewed here: www.profgreen.us/AGreen.html (The Full MP3 File of the Entire Memorial Service For Kay Green Is Available for Family And Friends To Download Here: http://www.profgreen.us/MemorialService.mp3 .) Video recordings of Chopin and more follow to further honor Kay Green's Memory: "Nocturne in F Sharp" as found online here: www.archive.org/details/nocturne_in_f_sharp archive.org/details/nocturne_in_d_flat_major_op27 Thank you for listening, And, Thank you Podomatic And The English Podcasting Group That Taught me How to Put this All Together. J. Richard Green
At our very first Speech Tournament ever, the Speech and Communication Dept. of the college in New York City where I teach, brought together contestants from all over New York City. We enjoyed a diversity which our college represents because of students from all over the globe! The first prize went to a student from South Africa. My student, Angelique, from East Harlem, placed third with her speech on all the things you can do in New York City for Free! April 10 is an important date as well, http://www.cccaction.org/cccaction/april10_index.html on, The United States of America, a country I love. In Honor of April 10, listen to: http://www.profgreen.tv/Muralla.html "La Muralla." I do hope you enjoy the contestants published on video at the URL below, where the remaining seven videos still missing, from April 6, will be published here by April 12: http://www.profgreen.tv/Tournament1.html It is a privilege to share this episode with the Podcasting Group that has taught me so very much, even as I have learned through this group how to publish the above here. In a Spirit of Friendship and Love, Sincerely, John Richard Green
Ana's condition after 6 operations for cleft mouth presents her with a major challenge, and now at the middle of the Spring Semester of Basic Speech, she has the guts to interview each one of her eight classmates on video at the conclusion of which she rightfully boasts with arms outstretched (See the photo above): "This is My Show!!" GOOD JOB, ANA! She has a tape-recorder on which every day she reads aloud her English homework reading assignments while also practicing songs and lyrics like those found at the following website: http://www.profgreen.tv/IKnow.html (Songs and Stories for Voice and Diction for Persuasive Speaking which will be fully updated soon.) Here she is on the video interviewing a classmate. Ana is from Guatemala. And It was her brother, who previously greeted all of you with the wife he is so in love with while Deyaniris, the woman Ana is interviewing here, is from the Dominican Republic: http://www.profgreen.tv/AnaMarch16.ram (Ana's last video of 8 videos she produced tonight, Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! Ana!!) Just listen along, using the green button with the white arrow below, if the above video will not download.
This Pod/blog/webcast Thanks Podomatic For Allowing Us To Share Positive Stories Where There Are Real People Making Miracles Real! Elizabeth Rose - Storyteller Par Excellence: http://www.storycast.biz/index.php/2006/01/02/young-at-heart/ http://www.wgbh.org/pages/pri/spirit/2005index.html#112 "Tricksters" On "Sound & Spirit" informs Elizabeth's Storytelling.
Elizabeth's storytelling is so very special to me, because 30 minutes into her storytelling at http://www.storycast.biz above, she tells the West African folk tale, "The Gift of a Cow Tail Switch," which one of my East Harlem, Survey of Human Communication students told after finding out about this West African folk tale thanks to Heather Forest's wonderful story plot summary here:
Here goes this Harlem student retelling the story Heather Forest summarizes above, and which Elizabeth Rose so eloquently and masterfully shares 30 minutes into http://www.storycast.biz/index.php/2006/01/02/young-at-heart/
http://www.profgreen.tv/Mack.ram ("The Gift of a Cow Tail Switch")
An Iranian Fundamentals of Speech 1 student shares her moral on two ways to stay warm here: http://www.profgreen.tv/Shahla.ram

My request to Elizabeth Rose is that she share her own version of the Jack Tale, "Hardy Hardhead" so beautifully illustrated here, for my Voice and Diction students at: http://www.profgreen.tv/HardyHardhead.html . In the meantime, my http://www.profgreen.org site is migrating/propagating to a new server where you will again be able to hear "Hardy Hardhead," if you haven't heard it already. Of Course, We All Know The Jack Tale, "Jack and The Beanstalk," on the podcast site for EFL/ESL students found here:
(Who Knows What You'll Find At The "Story Spieler Podcast" Here: http://radio.weblogs.com/0143840/ )
Meanwhile, http://www.folkalley.com is my Thank you, to All Who Tune In Here. For example, learn the History of the Banjo Here:
http://www.unctv.org/webcast/music/fw_thebanjo.html And at the Following Web-URL, the Origin of The Blues: http://www.unctv.org/webcast/music/piedmontblues.html
"Piedmont Blues: North Carolina Style" As well as, "The Lost Art of Hollerin'," at the following web address: http://www.ibiblio.org/hollerin/hollerin.htm While my Fundamentals of Speech 1/Non-ESL students, learn about the Venezuelan and the Puerto Rican cuatro even in relation to the African origins of the banjo described by the first video above from http://www.unctv.org: http://www.profgreen.tv/ScottSpi.ram : The Venezuelan And The Puerto Rican Cuatro. Meanwhile, my students and I are looking forward very much to improving the audio this coming week using an M-Audio Preamp, described by the following website, here: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MobilePreUSB-main-1.html Along with a Samson C03 Condenser Microphone described here: http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=1663 Last May, before I had equipment stolen, you can hear the difference in audio here where you may watch an appreciation dedicated to students I teach: http://www.profgreen.tv/Flashpoint2005.ram The following, on the contrary, makes use of the camera-microphone built into the Logitech Fusion Camcorder pictured, here: http://tinyurl.com/b56ks where, Milton and Karina, from Guatemala on Friday, Feb. 24, after they enjoyed Geoff Taylor's Bardwell Road Centre podcast episode, offered the following advice to the English Language students in Oxford, England: #1. http://www.profgreen.tv/MiltonandKarina.ram Where Milton and his wife also dedicated to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, the following "Salsa Rai," a song in Arabic and Spanish: http://profgreen.tv/SalsaArabe2004.ram Meanwhile, download your "Salsa Rai," Cellphone Ringtone, herewinking http://content.beltonen.nl/Ringtones/YuriBuenaventura-SalsaRai16_sp.wav Of course, if any of my students, or anyone else can tell me more about "Salsa Rai" or share interests they have, different from this music, this is what I found out about, "Salsa Rai:" http://faudel.calabashmusic.com/ And, if you Really Want to See, El Profe Verde (that's me) dance, well, just sing-a-long here! http://profgreen.tv/PlenaLibre2003.html In Honor of the Bardwell Road Centre Students, pictured, here: http://bardwellroad.podomatic.com/entry/2006-02-16T08_37_29-08_00 Three more Friday morning Voice and Diction students from Sunset Park, add their voices in acknowledgment of the Oxford English Language students, and the third student only authorized an audio recording for her greeting, so the link for her audio greeting is found just below the first one, of the video, here: #2. http://www.profgreen.tv/Indira1.ram (Feb. 24, 2006) #3. http://www.profgreen.tv/AudioOnly.html (Feb. 24, 2006) Our previous video greeting, to England, included a Farewell to the student from Togo, West Africa, whose name is, Folly, and for whom, a Dominican student in my class, who owns a restaurant, and cooks marvelously, offered us the delicious treat video-recorded here, in honor of Folly's transfer to a site at the college nearer to where he lives. (He had to commute two hours each way to get to Sunset Park.) Here is that video greeting to also Thank Geoff's General English class in Oxford, England, where we tried to send the exquisite smells of the Dominican cuisine, here: #4. http://www.profgreen.tv/FarewellToFolly.ram (Feb. 21, 2006) With luv 2 All from Brooklyn, and, most especially, to England! The following video/podcast for tonight's episode features Maria, the restaurant owner, who hosted the farewell dinner for "Folly," (the West African, from Togo, who speaks French and Mina.) It was recorded on Feb, 21, 2006. As we watched and analyzed this last video #5 below, in class tonight, we became aware not only of the omission of past tense forms, .... we discussed a whole host of non-verbal aspects, which will make it possible for us to continue studying, still further, the complexity of the Speech Communication process itself, as we each of us find ways to impact positively on one other, as students too, improve their performance in speech as well. Thus, here goes the video for tonight's podcast episode for which you need only click on the green button with the white arrow, at the bottom of this episode, if the following, broadband video, will not work here: #5. http://www.profgreen.tv/MariaMar2006.ram (Feb. 21, 2006) The Podcasting - ELT 2006 Yahoo Group will continue to be an incredible asset precisely because of criteria set forth by research and studies like those of the British Council where the pdf of the study of the state of English, commissioned by the British Council, found at: http://www.britishcouncil.org/learning-research-englishnext publishes research that will indeed impact tremendously on each of our skills and abilites as professionals to reach and teach through solid communication as teachers and learners interested in the process of communication.

Fundamentals of Speech 1 - Introductory Speech for the Spring Semester This Speech of Self-Introduction includes remarks on management skills which apply across the boards. I hope everyone, in each of my Speech Communication classes, will appreciate all that is being said here:


For the Podcasting for ELT (EFL / ESL) Yahoo Group, comprised of the Moderators: Robert Diem, Scott Lockman, Graham Stanley, now in their final, and 6th week, just look at all they have taught me! I hope this does them Proud, for it sure makes me glad to be able to share and say, Thank You, to Graham Stanley, from Barcelona, Spain; Scott Lockman, from Tokyo, Japan; Geoff Taylor, from Oxford, England; and to the Unsung Heroes which include all of us on this incredible venture into the podosphere!!

The Video for tonight's podcast episode, is found, below:


And, how can we ignore the 2/22/06: Informative Speech Captured On Video Here, On Nothing Less Than The "Illustrious History of Toilet Paper!" Hip, Hip, Hooray, for this student's wonderful humor:


Thank you, for your wonderful and Great Good Humor!


We are each of us, speech instructors and speech students alike, learning the conditions for the possibility of establishing a rapport in the Speech Communication classroom. The fundamental condition is one of Listening, and being present, as we listen to Others and Ourselves, whether the Speech class is a Basic Speech Class in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, or in Flushing, Queens, or a Fundamentals of Speech class in the Orthodox Jewish division of the same college.

Our maxim is that of a Listening-Speech, my students are teaching me, even as I record their speech presentations, to better evaluate them also on personal CDs they take home to show family, parents, friends and peers.

This podcast episode is recorded on a RealVideo format at a broadband stream rate, and can be downloaded here:


As any further speeches merit inclusion, on this podcast page, they shall simply be listed in a video and audio format with links, below:

#1. http://www.profgreen.tv/Nov11MidtermDavid.ram
#2. http://www.profgreen.tv/Flashpoint2005.ram


On Monday, Feb. 13, 2006, our Survey of Human Communication class in East Harlem, opened with 8 students introducing themselves. I chose this particular speech because Charisma K. characterizes a positive spirit I encourage in all of my Speech Communication classes, whether they are at a beginning level of ESL/EFL, or, already, native American speakers of English.

This podcast should begin to show you the variety of student populations I serve all at the same New York City college.

Geoff's latest worksheet on helping students transcribe their presentations is invaluable. I will adapt this worksheet to meet the variety of requirements of Speech Communication students at the various NYCity sites where I teach.

The Video for this particular podcast episode is available only over a broadband connection, and, here is the URL, in case you are able to watch it here:


Otherwise, click on the green button with the white arrow, below:


On Monday and Wednesday evenings, I am privileged to teach Public Speaking in the Orthodox Jewish division of the same college in New York City, where on Monday mornings, I teach non-Jewish Speech Communication students in East Harlem, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Basic Speech students you have already met below, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. On Friday mornings, I teach Voice and Diction also, to my wonderful Sunset Park Students, you have yet to meet in the above episodes dedicated to St. Claire's College in Oxford, England. (You have a real treat in store, my Sunset Park students are great!)

Because of my background, growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, I enjoyed the multicultural flavor of that city, where my father served as the Presbyterian pastor for the American and Int'l prescence abroad. Thanks to both of my parents, I was always taught a tremendous respect not only for the Venezuelan culture and her traditions, but also those of the city of Caracas, whose citizens are literally from all over the world. (Perhaps that explains why I love New York City so much, where I currently live and teach.)


It is an honor for me to have been so accepted by the many Jewish varieties of experience in Brooklyn, in whose college, non-Jewish immigrant students also come from all over the world. I will post my East Harlem students, here as well, for their videos of self-introduction are just great!

Until then, I hope you enjoy the beautiful wedding music opening and closing this particular Podomatic podcast episode, when you click on the green button with the white arrow below. It is the same music I so loved at the Orthodox wedding of one my students, who I photographed in the following slideshow:


For the Video of tonight's podcast episode, just click here, and I apologize in advance if it is only available as a broadband stream. Here goes:


In the meantime, may Podomatic keep up it's great work! Their customer service, support , incredible features and feedback are just right.


Happy Valentine's Day to All Our Podcasting Friends And Allies, From Brooklyn, New York, After We Thoroughly Enjoyed Listening To The Bardwell Road Centre Podcast For English Language Students, By English Language Students, Found Here: http://bardwellroad.podomatic.com/

A Video of tonight's Valentine podcast episode from Brooklyn may be downloaded over a broadband connection, here: http://www.profgreen.tv/HappyVal.ram using RealVideo. There you will get to see Rana from Syria, (as pictured at the left in the above screenshot) and Sandra, from Peru, (seated in the middle above). We had twenty minutes at the end of class to prepare this unrehearsed spontaneous delivery!

A West African student from Togo shares a French song in appreciation of The Bardwell Centre English class, and, as he sings, the melody he sings reminds me somehow of the melody for the song, "City of New Orleans," http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_New_Orleans_(song) :

Watch and listen to his song again on the video below, and tell me if it doesn't also remind you of the melody for that great American Folksong, "The City of New Orleans:" http://profgreen.tv/SunsetPark2.ram (Does anyone know what song he is singing in French? It talks about the sadness of parting, or? Thank you, in advance, for any help in this regard!)

A curious fact:


For, the wake-up on Apollo 17 lunar landing day, Houston used the John Denver version of Steve Goodman's song "the City of New Orleans," which you can hear, at the above URL, on an MP3 file!

(Next time I will bring appropriate M-Audio preamp and microphone gear to get better sound. This was done literally on the spur of the moment.)

Un Feliz Dia de San Valentin! To All,
From The Basic Speech Class,
Del Profesor Ricardo Green

P.S. As promised to Angela V., the lyrics and audio,
for "Achy Breaky Heart," here goes the audio:
http://rosemck1.tripod.com/achy-breaky-heart.mid (audio)

And here are the lyrics found at:
cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/cyrus-billy-ray/achy-breaky-heart-5784.html http://tinyurl.com/b6cjf

For a Valentine's Karaoke Sing-A-Long,

I Propose An International Karaoke Festival For ESL/EFL English-Language-Teachers-and-Learners-Alikesmiley


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